When Representation by an Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor is Required

Being charged with a crime is nothing to take lightly, even if it is only a misdemeanor. That’s why, if a person has been charged with a criminal offense, they will need the services of a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor to represent them. In some cases, they may only need the advice of an attorney. In other situations, they may need the attorney to represent them in court. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

For small offenses, such as a second-degree misdemeanor, an attorney may do very little good. If a person is planning to plead guilty to any of these types of misdemeanors, there’s very little that an attorney can do. Fortunately, in these instances, the penalties for being found guilty of lower-level misdemeanors aren’t terribly serious.

However, if a person is charged with a felony crime, the services of Felony Lawyers Washtenaw County can be extremely beneficial. The reason for this is that there are many ways that a felony attorney can represent a person charged with this type of crime.

For example, with a Washtenaw Felony DUI Lawyer, an attorney may be able to argue that the evidence collected from an arresting officer is inadmissible. If there wasn’t a good reason to pull a person over, or if a person’s Miranda rights were violated, this could constitute any evidence collected against a person charged with DUI inadmissible. In many situations, the entire case can be thrown out if one of these two criteria are met.

There are other situations where Trial Lawyers Criminal Cases Washtenaw County can argue extenuating circumstances to have their clients exonerated. There are other instances where attorneys can appeal a previous conviction for crimes such as DUI or other types of felony offenses. There are also situations where Felony Defense Attorneys Washtenaw County District Court can plea bargain for a lesser charge depending on the circumstances.

What’s important to understand is that every situation is different and there are many ways in which an attorney can defend their client who is been charged with a felony crime. However, to have this sort of defense, a person will need to have a criminal or felony attorney representing them.

If you’ve been charged with one of these serious crimes, it’s important that you can mount the best defense possible. Hiring an attorney that handles criminal cases is the first thing that needs to be done. From this point, the attorney can look at the various aspects of your case and determine the best method by which they can defend you against the crimes you’ve been charged with.