When a Criminal Sttorney Ann Arbor Is Needed

Choosing the right Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor can be a life-altering decision when someone has been arrested on charges of a misdemeanor or felony. Find a firm that specializes in criminal law, rather than just practices it along with other types of law. Experienced criminal attorneys have tried and tested courtroom skills, and they know how the system works. Many are former prosecutors or former public defenders, so they are familiar with all sides of the criminal justice system. A criminal defense attorney can sometimes get charges dismissed, get felony charges changed to misdemeanors, or plea bargain a charge.

Full service firms have the capacity to handle every aspect of building a defense. The felony lawyer may be the person in court, but a complete team of private investigators, researchers, paralegals, and support staff help build the case. Experts can be utilized for testimony, crime scene reenactments and computer-aided trial presentations can be used, and polygraph examination is available if necessary. Being able to match the resources of the prosecutor will help prepare a solid defense. State and federal crimes include narcotic offenses, violent crimes, white collar and internet crimes, negligent homicide, theft, criminal sexual conduct, firearms offenses, juvenile offenses, and drunk driving, among others.

Some firms have lawyers that specialize in specific areas of criminal law such as criminal immigration and deportation defense, or domestic violence lawyers. Whatever the criminal charges, it is important to call a lawyer immediately. Some things regarding a defense are time sensitive. Viewing the scene of the crime, for example, and getting pictures and measurements needs to be completed as soon as possible. Interviewing possible witnesses meets with better success, if the incident is fresh in their minds. Any evidence in sexual crimes or drug-related offenses needs to be gathered quickly in order to help a defense case.

It is also important to have an attorney present when answering any questions. The attorney will advise the accused of his rights, and ensure that personal rights are not violated during any interviews. The attorney will also take immediate steps to get the accused out on bail, if that is possible. Most attorneys will provide free initial consultations, and can be contacted by the person charged with a crime, or a family member. Building a great defense case takes time, so the sooner the attorney is contacted, the sooner that process can begin. Freedom is at stake in many criminal cases, so choose an attorney wisely.