The Steps a Person Can Take to Hire the Right Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor

Hiring a defense attorney, especially for a felony case, is not something that should be taken lightly. A person who has never been arrested before, however, might be worried about how they can find the right lawyer to handle their case. After all, there are quite a few criminal attorneys and finding the right one for their needs can be difficult. Below are a few steps a person can take to help them find a lawyer.

Consider the Type of Lawyer Needed

A person might not want to hire a general lawyer who works on just about any type of case. While these lawyers might do a great job, the person will often get better results by working with a lawyer who frequently handles cases like their own. If a person is arrested and charged with domestic violence, for instance, they will want to consider the domestic violence lawyers available. These lawyers understand more of those particular laws and are more familiar with how cases could play out in court.

Consider the Experience of the Lawyer

Once they have chosen a type of Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor, the next step is going to be to check the experience of potential lawyers. Although a new lawyer might be significantly less expensive, this isn’t where a person will want to save money. They’ll want a lawyer who has a vast amount of experience handling cases like their own. More experience equates to a better understanding of how the case is handled locally and how a particular judge is likely to respond.

Consider the Type of Outcome Desired

With felony cases, a person will want to think about the type of outcome they’re hoping for before hiring a felony lawyer. Some lawyers prefer to obtain plea bargains for their clients. These can be beneficial if a person is guilty and there is significant evidence against them as it can help minimize the penalties they face. However, it’s not the right outcome for every case. Other lawyers tend to take as many cases as they can to court, which can be beneficial if there’s a high chance the person will be found not-guilty. A person may want to consider what outcome they desire or expect for the case and narrow down the choice of lawyers to ones who have a tendency to work for that outcome.

These are just three steps a person can take to help them narrow down their options in the pursuit for a criminal defense attorney to work on their case. It’s important to choose a few that stand out to meet for a consultation visit. This gives them more information about each lawyer and can help them determine which one they want to work with. At that point, they can hire one of the lawyers and start getting the help they need to minimize or eliminate the impact a conviction could have.