Reviewing DUI Laws With A Criminal Attorney In Washtenaw County

In Michigan, defendants could incur hefty penalties if they are convicted of criminal infractions. The state assigns these penalties based on the crime in question, malice, and intent. In some circumstances, the judge could add to the sentence and fines based on aggravated crimes. Criminal Attorneys in Washtenaw County Michigan provide legal representation for these defendants.

DUI Laws in Michigan

The laws in Michigan indicate that any driver with a blood alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent is guilty of DUI. The state imposes implied consent for all drivers in which officers believe are under the influence. Any refusal to submit to testing results in an immediate driver’s license suspension and six points applied to their driving record. Michigan laws also adhere to a zero tolerance for underage drinking. A Criminal Defense Attorney helps defendants navigate through these proceedings.

How Do Controlled Substances Apply in DUI Cases?

Under DUI laws, prosecutors aren’t required to prove an impairment if the driver is under the influence of controlled substances. Chemical testing identifies what controlled substances or illegal drugs are in their system. All drivers who have any illegal drugs or controlled substances in their system are guilty of DUI immediately. Any driver facing a potential DUI conviction should contact a Criminal Attorney Washtenaw County.

What Laws Apply to Minors?

The zero tolerance laws reduce the blood alcohol content reading to 0.02 percent. The court can enforce underage drinking laws through these guidelines. Any minor who is in possession of alcohol or who have consumed alcoholic beverages of any kind could face arrest. Additionally, any underage driver who is found guilty of DUI receives four points on their driving record.

What are the Specific Types of DUI Charges in Michigan?

In Michigan, DUI charges are based on way in which the driver is impaired and what substance caused intoxication. They begin with OWVI that indicates that the driver was driving while impaired visibly. This indicates that the accused was driving recklessly. The type of DUI charges determines if the defendant needs a Felony Attorney Serving Washtenaw County.

OWI is the standard for DUI. It indicates that the driver possessed a blood alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent. It applies to both alcohol and controlled substances.

OWPD applies to the presence of any controlled substance including cocaine. The officers may choose the type of test to determine if drugs are present. It doesn’t matter what level of the substance is found to apply charges.

In Michigan, drivers could face DUI based charges depending on their blood alcohol content reading. Equally, any driver who is underage and intoxicated receives charges based on a zero tolerance law. All defendants charged with these infractions should contact Washtenaw County Domestic Violence Lawyers and schedule a consultation today.