Reviewing Domestic Violence Laws With A Criminal Attorney In Ann Arbor

In Michigan, the court system imposes penalties for domestic violence based on the circumstances of these cases. These heinous crimes are often committed by the people that the victim trusts the most. However, they are also top crimes in which individuals are accused falsely. A Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor could help the accused to build a proper defense.

Define Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is defined as intentional bodily harm imposed by a member of the same household. This includes spouses, former romantic partners, siblings, teens, and grandparents. These crimes could be classified as assault, attempted murder, or child abuse. The circumstances of the domestic violence determines what additional classifications the accused receives. Anyone accused of this crime should contact domestic violence lawyers now.

What are the Penalties for Domestic Violence?

A first offense domestic violence charge is classified as a misdemeanor in most cases. The defendant could spend up to ninety-three days in county lockup. The maximum fine for this infraction is $500 approximately.

Any second offense could equate to a penalty of one year in county lockup. The accused could receive a fine up to $1,000. The court can use any previous convictions to increase these charges.

With a third offense, the defendant receives a felony charge. The highest sentence is no more than two years. The highest fine applicable to this charge is $2,500. Anyone accused of these crimes should contact a criminal defense attorney now.

Are Previous Convictions Applicable for to a New Case?

In most cases, previous convictions are applicable. However, the prior infractions must be labeled as domestic violence. The victim must also be a member of the same household or have previous romantic ties to the victim.

What is a No-Contact Order?

A no-contact order prevents any contact between the victim and their attacker. It is intended to prevent the victim from sustaining more injuries. If the victim is a spouse these orders prevent them from re-entering a dangerous environment. It also prohibits the attacker from contacting the victim. If the accused violates this order, they should contact a felony lawyer immediately.

What is a Protection Order?

A protection order is a court order. It outlines activities in which the defendant cannot participate. This could include visits to locations in which the victim frequents. It could also apply to the use of alcohol or controlled substances.

In Michigan, domestic violence applies to criminal infractions in which the attacker intended to cause bodily harm. The victims are family members, roommates, or individuals who had previous romantic relations. Anyone accused of these infractions should contact criminal attorneys immediately.