How To Find the Best Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor

Being charged with a crime can turn anyone’s life upside down. Hiring a costly attorney, facing possible job loss and destruction of a well-built reputation can be very unnerving. Set your expectations high before retaining a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor.

There are several factors to consider before deciding on the best attorney for a case. Choosing and retaining a lawyer who has experience defending cases similar to that of the person charged should be the first item on the list of expectations. The accused should speak with several attorneys and ask for their records of wins, losses, and plea bargains for previous cases. Put a check by the one with the most wins.

The accused should only consider a lawyer that can be trusted. There should be individual meetings set up with each of the prospective Felony Defense Attorneys Washtenaw County District Court. With face-to-face interviews, the now prospective client can look directly into the eyes of the lawyers to see which attorney can be trusted to work hard and who believes in total innocence for the client. A great attorney has to make the client feel confident and protected in order to successfully represent him in court.

During the in-person interview, each attorney should be asked the following questions:

  • How long have you been practicing criminal law?
  • How long have you been with the current law office?
  • What is your experience arguing in court with the accused person’s charges?
  • Discuss the outcomes of previous similar cases.
  • Have you settled any cases through plea bargains? If so, what were the results?
  • Based on what you know, realistically, what are the possibilities of the outcome in my case?
  • What will it cost to hire you?
  • Specifically explain the services you will provide for the client?

Good Felony Lawyers Washtenaw County should treat the accused professionally and with courtesy throughout the case. A good lawyer should have good people working on the case as well; to help with investigations, gathering information to help build the case, and preparing documents that will be used in the trial, if necessary. Someone facing jail time or huge fines needs the trusted support of all working on the case.

Using Trial Lawyers Criminal Cases Washtenaw County who have a highly respected reputation may cost a little more than lawyers who aren’t as well known. The cost of freedom is dear, so it is best to plan on spending a little more on a good defense to avoid spending a long time locked away. Knowing up front how much each attorney charges will help narrow the search as well. If you can’t afford a lawyer, the public defender will work for you.

If facing a DUI charge, a Washtenaw Felony DUI Lawyer should be contacted. Follow the same procedure for this type of attorney as that of finding a criminal lawyer. Once hired, it will be time for the accused to work closely with the lawyer and the legal team to achieve an acquittal of all charges.