How Does a Person Choose a Criminal Attorney in Washtenaw County?

Choosing a Criminal Attorney Washtenaw County can seem a bit daunting. After all, a person is putting their future in the attorney’s hands. They’re not going to want to choose the first attorney they come across and they’re going to want to choose carefully to ensure they hire an attorney who is going to get results for them. To do this, there’s a lot they’re going to want to think about and look for.

Choosing the Type of Attorney

Criminal attorneys may work on any case that comes through the door, but more often they’ll tend to take similar cases over and over again. A person who has been arrested and charged with domestic violence, for instance, may want to look into the Washtenaw County Domestic Violence Lawyers for help. A lawyer who frequently takes on domestic violence cases is going to be more familiar with the possible defenses, how the judges may act towards certain evidence and the likelihood of a plea bargain or other outcome for a client. A Felony Attorney Serving Washtenaw County will be familiar with the possible penalties associated with felonies and how to help a person avoid or minimize those penalties.

Having a Consultation Visit

After the person has found a few Criminal Attorneys in Washtenaw County Michigan who work on cases like their own often, they’ll want to have a consultation visit with each of them. They should do at least three consultation visits with different lawyers. They can find out what the lawyer thinks about their case and how the lawyer would proceed if they take the case. The lawyer will let them know if they’re interested in taking on the case and the costs associated with it.

What to Think About After Consultations

After the consultations, the person needs to consider more than the cost of the lawyer. They should think about what each lawyer feels might happen with the case, the lawyers who believed they could help the person obtain a more positive outcome, and what they thought overall with the lawyer. It’s important to consider their gut feeling as even if the lawyer is fantastic, if they don’t believe they can trust the lawyer or work well with them, they’re not going to get the results they want.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, but it is one a person is going to want to take time with. Whether they’re accused of a serious felony or a minor misdemeanor, the impact a conviction can have might be life changing. Choosing the right lawyer can help a person escape penalties altogether or minimize them so they don’t have as much of an impact on the person’s life.