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Simon & Geherin, PLLC, is a full-service criminal defense law firm specializing in Homicide defense cases. We also represent those being investigated, charged, or arrested for felony, misdemeanor, or OWI charges in Ypsilanti Township MI and the greater Southeast Michigan area.

“Our team of attorneys, investigators, and paralegals do not “dabble” in criminal defense. They solely practice criminal defense, representing those accused of Homicide, and other charges in state and federal courts throughout the Ypsilanti Township MI area and all of southeast Michigan”

Answers You Many Need from Simon & Geherin Concerning your Homicide Investigation

How do I select the right law firm or firm to handle my homicide charges?

Choosing the right attorney—especially when your freedom or liberty is as stake—is crucial. Certainly, there is no perfect formula. However, it is important to consider the attorney’s experience, trustworthiness, and standing in the legal community. You should consider asking the following questions:

  • Does the attorney have the respect of the judge before whom he/she practices?
  • Does the attorney litigate cases versus steering clients only towards guilty pleas?
  • Does the attorney have a proven track record at trial?
  • Does the attorney have the wisdom that years of experience bring in dealing with cases similar to your own?
  • Is the attorney trustworthy and ethical, and has the attorney adequately discussed the fee structure in advance of representation?

At Simon & Geherin, PLLC, we strongly believe that one call to our office will convince you that we meet all the above criteria and are the perfect firm to handle your criminal, traffic, juvenile or license restoration case. Some attorneys claim to be “tough,” or “aggressive,” or “fighters,” or even shamelessly (and unethically) guarantee results such as “avoiding jail.” At Simon & Geherin, PLLC, our level of success is measured in more than just words or false promises: we have a proven track record of satisfied clients and excellent results, and we have been peer-reviewed with the highest ratings for ethical standards and legal ability—

In short, we ethically, intelligently, and zealously fight for every client.

Should I even retain an lawyer for my criminal homicide or license restoration case?

If the charge carries with it any consequences, including the potential loss of any liberty or freedom (i.e., driving privileges, jail, prison, fees) you should consult with an attorney. The prosecutor went to law school, is trained in the rules of evidence and courtroom tactics and is not there to help or advise you. Unless you qualify for court-appointed assistance, a private criminal defense attorney is likely a smart option to protect, advise, and counsel you. All you may need is a consultation and at Simon & Geherin, PLLC that consultation is free.

Does experience matter?

Experience is perhaps the single most important consideration in retaining an attorney. Having to retain a criminal defense attorney is one of the most important and vulnerable times a person can encounter. It is critical to know that your attorney—

  • Has handled many cases such as yours
  • Has established himself or herself in the courts you are about to encounter
  • Has accumulated the knowledge that can only come from years of experience
  • Is respected in the legal community

At Simon & Geherin, PLLC, we have over 40 years of combined experience in criminal matters, and have a long and verifiable track record of earning the respect of clients and adversaries alike. Some attorneys claim to be “tough,” or “aggressive,” or “fighters,” or even shamelessly (and unethically) guarantee results such as “avoiding jail.” At Simon & Geherin, PLLC, our level of success is measured in more than just words or false promises: we have a proven track record of satisfied clients and excellent results, and we have been peer-reviewed with the highest ratings for ethical standards and legal ability—

In short, we ethically, intelligently, and zealously fight for every client.

If I retain an attorney, will I win my case?

No lawyer should ever make a promise of an outcome in representation. If a lawyer you are consulting assures an outcome or boasts of a sure victory, beware. We can only promise hard and dedicated work and a pledge to keep our clients informed so that they may make knowledgeable decisions. Hard work and dedication almost always produce positive results.

What type of fees might I expect for representation?

Many criminal defense attorneys charge a fixed/flat fee for your case. This fee depends on the nature and complexity of the case. Many charge hourly rates and submit periodic bills. At Simon & Geherin, PLLC, the attorneys openly discuss our fee structure at the outset of our consultation and even over the phone. Generally, our firm employs flat/fixed fees for criminal cases. We accept credit card payments and will consider installment/payment plans. Regardless, you will be comfortable knowing that there are no excessive or hidden fees and that our fee agreement is detailed and clear.

Can I replace my existing attorney if I am not pleased with him/her?

Yes. If you are not pleased with your attorney, either because he or she refuses to return your phone calls, does not keep you updated, or seems disinterested in fighting for you, you can seek substitute counsel. After all, an attorney works for you and not vice versa. At our firm, we believe in treating every client with respect, professionalism, and honesty. We fight for you and ideally achieve the best possible result in your case. If you feel your current attorney does not share our beliefs, please contact our office for a no-obligation consultation.

The police simply want to talk to me, what should I do?

Generally, you are under no obligation to speak with the police. You have the right to consult with an attorney before speaking with the police and if you are the target of an investigation, an attorney may be the only person standing between the government and you. Many attorneys are not interested in your case unless you are actually charged. In contrast, our office offers pre-filing and investigative services in which we will handle your investigation, contact the police officer(s) in charge of the case, and possibly attempt to convince the authorities not to charge you with a crime. We have successfully handled hundreds of these investigations, and in many cases, have protected people from being charged and/or from being arrested.

Does your firm offer free consultations?

Yes! To learn how we can assist you with your criminal defense matter, please call us to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation at 734-997-0870, or click here to contact us now.

Co-founders Joseph A. Simon and Daniel T. Geherin, and their team SPECIALIZE in criminal defense. They practice in state and federal courts serving the Ypsilanti Township MI area and throughout Michigan. They have handled thousands of criminal cases including #keyword:l# and it’s variant charges. They are familiar with the criminal legal system in Ypsilanti Township MI. When Simon & Geherin, PLLC handles a criminal #keyword:l# case, driver’s license restoration matter, juvenile delinquency case, or OWI case, our clients are backed with more than 50 years of combined criminal trial experience and a recognized reputation for favorable results.

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15th District Court | 11-0391 OD | Operating While Intoxicated | Case Dismissed Following Evidentiary Hearing
15th District Court | 11-0381 SM | Assault and Battery | Case Dismissed Following Further Investigation by Prosecutor on Information Supplied by Defense
15th District Court | 11-0236 | Retail Fraud 3rd Degree | Charge Dismissed on Defense Motion
15th District Court | 11-0067 | Domestic Violence (2 Counts) | Not Guilty Verdict
15th District Court | 11-0056 | OWI | Charge reduced to Careless Driving
18th District Court | 10WE08149 | Possession of Marijuana | Case Dismissed
35th District Court | 10-S-225477-A | Failure to Stop After Property Damage Accident | Charges Dismissed
15th District Court | 10-325 | Assault and Battery; Minor in Possession | Case Dismissed
39th Circuit Court | 10-14602-FH | CSC 3rd Degree | Charge reduced to Assault and Battery
14A-1 District Court | 10-1028 | Assault and Battery (2 Counts) | Not Guilty Verdict
15th District Court | 10-0952 | Reckless Driving, Driving While License Suspended, Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident | Not Guilty Verdict
15th District Court | 10-0851 | Retail Fraud 3rd Degree | Charge Dismissed
15th District Court | 10-0127 | Operating While Intoxicated | Reduced to Civil Infraction
52-1 District Court | 10-006121 | OWI Superdrunk | Not Guilty Verdict; Convicted of Lesser Charge
12th District Court | 09-JC36631A | Operating While Intoxicated | Charges reduced to civil infraction following Motion to Suppress Evidence
15th District Court | 09-255 | Malicious Destruction of Property; Assault and Battery; Reckless Driving | Not Guilty Verdict
15th District Court | 09-0299 SD | Operating While Intoxicated | Not Guilty Verdict
15th District Court | 08W163440 | Operating While Intoxicated | Case Dismissed
16th District Court | 08L04497SM | Domestic Violence | Case Dismissed

We practice criminal defense in Ann Arbor MI and the following areas:

  • Ann Arbor,MI
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  • Dexter,MI
  • Pittsfield Township,MI
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Southeast Michigan State Crimes and Federal Crimes Attorneys

Are you facing homicide charges in an upcoming trial in state or federal court in Michigan?Our law firm has combined decades of criminal trial experience, demonstrated negotiation and litigation skills, expert investigative resources, and an impressive track record of success for our clients: Simon & Geherin, PLLC, in Ann Arbor.Joseph A. Simon and Daniel T. Geherin lead an accomplished defense team into the courtroom to protect our clients’ rights. Whether the charge is state or federal, whether the allegation concerns Heidi’s Law or a Romeo and Juliet Law, whether the client is an adult professional or juvenile still in high school, our clients can expect aggressive safeguarding of their interests by our former prosecutors and public defenders.Contact Simon & Geherin immediately if you have been arrested on homicide or other serious felony charges. Your free, initial consultation can take place at our law firm or at the police station or jail where you are being held.Our 24-hour answering service alerts us to your overnight call. E-mail messages are responded to promptly.Our experienced defense lawyers handle federal charges such as:

  1. Drug crimes — distribution and manufacture, trafficking, cultivation, importation
  2. Criminal tax violations — tax evasion, failure to file, illegal offshore accounts
  3. White collar crimes — bribery and corruption, embezzlement, larceny, money laundering, computer crimes, fraud of all kinds
  4. Cigarette smuggling
  5. Child pornography — possession and distribution
  6. Cases we have handled in Michigan state courts include criminal charges of:
  7. Violent crimes — murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, armed robbery, weapons charges
  8. Domestic Violence
  9. OWI (Drunk Driving)
  10. Criminal sexual conduct — child abuse, molestation, rape, domestic violence
  11. Drug crimes — sale, delivery, distribution and transportation of illegal substances
  12. White collar crimes — fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, extortion

State charges can also include: trespassing, theft offenses and property crimes, shoplifting and assault, juvenile offenses and delinquency, and minor in possession, to name just a few. Whatever the charge, no matter how severe the potential punishment, our clients rely on the Simon & Geherin legal team to aggressively protect their rights, in and out of court, start to finish.In short, we are a criminal defense law firm solely dedicated to excellence in criminal defense.

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