Evaluating Murder Charges With A Criminal Attorney In Ann Arbor

Michigan imposes hefty punishments for murder and related charges. These charges are based on the intentions of the accused. If malicious intent is established, the court could increase the penalties for the crime. A Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor evaluates the case to build a proper defense.

Reviewing First Degree Murder in Michigan

First degree murder is identified as the most severe form of murder. It is identified by premeditation or planned circumstances. This doesn’t indicate that the accused planned out the murder prior to arriving on the scene. However, this is a standard occurrence with these cases. If the prosecution can show that the accused made the conscious decision to murder the victim after their arrival, the first degree charge applies. Those accused of this infraction should hire Felony Lawyers Washtenaw County quickly.

What is Felony Murder?

Felony murder is identified as a fatality that occurred while a different crime was in progress. This could apply to a variety of probabilities. However, the most common crimes in which felony murder could apply are carjacking, child abuse, armed robbery, and kidnapping. When charged with murder, the accused should hire Felony Defense Attorneys Washtenaw County District Court today.

What is the Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter?

The essential difference between these crimes is intent. Murder is an intentional act based on a conscious choice. Manslaughter indicates that the fatality was the intended outcome of the accused. This could apply to accidental shootings, assault based in which self defense was the cause, or DUI-related fatalities. Individuals charged with these crimes should contact a Washtenaw Felony DUI Lawyer immediately.

What is Second Degree Murder?

A second degree murder charge is identified as murder that was intentional. However, the crime wasn’t premeditated. The accused didn’t arrive at the scene of the crime with the intention to kill the victim. However, under this classification, the accused exhibited a lack of concern for the victim’s life. These crimes involve dangerous conduct in most cases. The crime could be associated with domestic violence where the accused intended to inflict bodily harm.

Michigan laws impose strict penalties against individuals who commit murder. The intention of the accused are reviewed to determine the classification of the murder charge. Once the classification is determined formal charges are applied. The outcome of the trial determines if the malice was present during the crime. Individuals who are accused of these charges should contact Trial Lawyers Criminal Cases Washtenaw County for legal representation today.