How To Find the Best Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor

Being charged with a crime can turn anyone’s life upside down. Hiring a costly attorney, facing possible job loss and destruction of a well-built reputation can be very unnerving. Set your expectations high before retaining a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor. There are several factors to consider before deciding on the best attorney for a case. […]

Three Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor

For many people, choosing a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor is going to be difficult. They may have never been in trouble before and don’t know what to expect or they may have worked with an attorney in the past but had trouble choosing the right one. Without knowing any better, there are three mistakes a […]

The Importance of Choosing the Right Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor for Any Felony Charge

A felony can significantly impact a person’s life. Beyond the penalties they will have if they are found guilty, the person will need to give up some of their basic rights and might have trouble finding a job or a place to live once the case is behind them. It’s vital they choose a Criminal […]

The Steps a Person Can Take to Hire the Right Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor

Hiring a defense attorney, especially for a felony case, is not something that should be taken lightly. A person who has never been arrested before, however, might be worried about how they can find the right lawyer to handle their case. After all, there are quite a few criminal attorneys and finding the right one […]

Three Types of Lawyers A Person Should Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor

When a person starts looking for a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor, they can easily become overwhelmed at the options. How does a person choose a lawyer who’s going to help them get a better outcome for their case? How do they know who they can trust to look after their interests? Taking the time to […]

How Does a Person Choose a Criminal Attorney in Washtenaw County?

Choosing a Criminal Attorney Washtenaw County can seem a bit daunting. After all, a person is putting their future in the attorney’s hands. They’re not going to want to choose the first attorney they come across and they’re going to want to choose carefully to ensure they hire an attorney who is going to get […]

When Representation by an Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor is Required

Being charged with a crime is nothing to take lightly, even if it is only a misdemeanor. That’s why, if a person has been charged with a criminal offense, they will need the services of a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor to represent them. In some cases, they may only need the advice of an attorney. […]

Why Any Defendant Facing Domestic Violence Charges Should Have Help From A Criminal Attorney Washtenaw County

Any situation involving domestic violence can be harrowing, both for the alleged victim and for the person who has been charged with the crime. Once the initial shock of the arrest wears off, the next step that a defendant needs to take is calling an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney. Without one, they may find themselves […]

Why Hire a Criminal Attorney in Ann Arbor?

If a person is arrested and they are facing any type of criminal charges, hiring a Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor is a smart move. There are some individuals who are facing these issues and delay the hiring of this legal representation, which can turn out to be a huge mistake. Once the charges have been […]

When a Criminal Sttorney Ann Arbor Is Needed

Choosing the right Criminal Attorney Ann Arbor can be a life-altering decision when someone has been arrested on charges of a misdemeanor or felony. Find a firm that specializes in criminal law, rather than just practices it along with other types of law. Experienced criminal attorneys have tried and tested courtroom skills, and they know […]